Talking to someone about research integrity

Having doubts about your own approach in your research? Or do you suspect that someone else is manipulating data or sources, presenting results incorrectly, handling data carelessly or is dependent on political or commercial influences, for example? It is important not to keep this to yourself but to get in touch and discuss the situation.

Faculty contact person for research integrity

Do you have any doubts or questions about the research integrity of your own approach or of someone else? For example, a fellow student, teacher, colleague or supervisor. If so, as a student or employee you can contact one of the faculty contact persons for research integrity.

What can I expect if I get in touch?

These contact persons can help you to prevent violations of research integrity and advise you on a diligent and ethical approach. In principle, the faculty contact person is first person of contact but you can also contact a confidential advisor directly. The faculty contact person can also refer to the university confidential advisors for research integrity if necessary.


    Confidential advisor for research integrity

    If you have any doubts about the diligence or research integrity of a student or employee, you can contact the confidential advisors for research integrity. These confidential advisors are an easily accessible point of contact for questions and advice. They can mediate in some situations or can try to solve a problem in a different way.

    What can I expect if I get in touch?

    The confidential advisor is neutral. If you contact them, you will also find out more about the possibility of filing a complaint for investigation. Any follow-up actions will only be taken with your consent and the information provided will always be treated confidentially. The confidential advisors for research integrity also serve UMCU students and researchers.


    There are two confidential advisors for research integrity: Iris Engelhard and Hieke Huistra. You can contact them directly if you would prefer to speak to a specific person, or send an email to the email address that they both read.

    Committee for Research Integrity

    If you choose to file an official complaint, it will be investigated by the university Committee for Research Integrity.

    What can I expect if I get in touch?

    The Committee is supported by lawyers from the Legal Affairs department and issues advice to the Executive Board based on its investigation. The full complaints procedure is included in the Utrecht University Research Integrity Complaints Procedure (PDF).


    Since September 2020, this committee has been chaired by Hans Heesterbeek.

    You can submit a complaint to the Committee for research integrity by sending an email to

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