Dr. B.M. (Bart) Gadella

Universitair hoofddocent
Klinische reproductie
030 253 5386

Brief summary of research over the last five years 

During this period I had the opportunity to coordinate the research group “Biology of Reproductive Cells” within the department of Farm Animal Health and the department of Biochemistry and Cell Biology and recently including the department of Equine Sciences.  In this position I was able to combine input from the veterinary clinics with fundamental knowledge and facilities to study cell biological and biochemical aspects of sperm cell maturation and capacitation, oocyte maturation, the in vitro fertilization processes and early embryonic development until blastocyst stages and comparison of these processes with the in situ processes in the oviduct. Besides these main research topics I have participated in diverse more clinical projects in the reproductive clinics of Farm Animals Health and Equine Sciences. The combination of multidisciplinary expertise built up in my group, the understanding of reproductive physiology as well as the close collaboration with in house sophisticated analytical facilities provide me the essential tools to perform my research.