prof. dr. Gert Jan Kramer
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Sustainable energy supply systems
Date of appointment 02.05.2016
Inaugural lecture date 08.09.2017

Gert Jan Kramer (1961) holds an MSc and PhD in physics from Leiden University (1988).

After his PhD, he joined Shell at its Amsterdam research centre and worked as a scientist on catalysis and reactor engineering of refinery and gas processes. Since 2000 his work has increasingly focused on alternative fuels (notably hydrogen) and renewable energy. From 2010 to 2016 he was as Manager Energy Futures responsible for technology assessment of future energy technologies. He also worked closely with Shell’s Scenarios team.

He has been a part-time professor at the Technical University Eindhoven from 1998 until 2010, and at the Centre for Environmental Sciences of Leiden University from 2010 until 2016.

Since May 2016 he is Professor of Sustainable Energy Supply Systems at the Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development at Utrecht University. His interest is in the energy transition as a technical and a socio-technical phenomenon.

His research themes are:

Ex ante assessment of future energy technologies, with a particular focus on the role of carbon in the future energy system. This includes BECCS (BioEnergy Carbon Capture and Storage) and Solar Fuels.

Agent Based Modelling of the energy transition, working from the understanding that the transformation of the energy system will not solely be determined by technologies, but also by how actors (consumers, investors, regulators, etc.) act and interact to deploy these. 

The energy transition in the Netherlands, with an emphasis on the energy-transformation of Industry.

Gert Jan is the editor of a recent free e-book The Colours of Energy – essays on the future of energy in society, available via


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All publications
  2016 - Professional publications
Kramer, G.J. (2016). Energy and Land: a Green Future, but no Arcadia. In Joe Kiesecker (Eds.), Managing Our Future Energy Footprint Island Press.
  2016 - Other output
G.J. Kramer (09.09.2016) Carbon in a Carbon-Neutral Energy System
G.J. Kramer (07.06.2016) Chair
G.J. Kramer (07.06.2016) Energy, Technology, Consumers and Citizen: Exploring the world from 'the other side' of the energy transition
G.J. Kramer (23.09.2016) Fixing the Energy/Climate problem: calibrating the pace of change
G.J. Kramer (26.09.2016) Invited attendee
G.J. Kramer (11.05.2016) Invited participant
G.J. Kramer (23.09.2016) Organiser workshop Energy
G.J. Kramer (07.07.2016) The Path to Net Zero Emissions: A technical assessment and a socio-political assessment
G.J. Kramer (29.08.2016) Towards an Energy System with Net-Zero Emissions
Kraan, O.D.E., Kramer, G.J. & Nikolic, Igor (01.12.2016). Agent-based model of Investor Behaviour in electricity market.
Kraan, O.D.E., Kramer, G.J., van der Lei, Telli & Huppes, Gjalt (01.12.2016). Agent-based model of choice between mitigation and adaptations.
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Additional functions and activities

Member of the subcommittee ECN/Deltares/NLR/Marin of the Evaluation Committee Toegepaste Onderzoek Organisaties (TO2)

Member of the working group of the Netherlands Energy Research Association (NERA) 

Advisor to Shell in the areas of renewable energy and energy scenarios

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Full name
prof. dr. G.J. Kramer Contact details
Willem C. van Unnikgebouw

Heidelberglaan 2
Room 908
The Netherlands

Phone number (direct) +31 30 253 7948
Phone number (department) +31 30 253 7600
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