PhD networks

At Utrecht University, PhD candidates can join formal and informal PhD networks.


Prout, which is short for Promovendi Overleg Utrecht (PhD Network Utrecht), is the PhD network of our university. The network represents all our PhD candidates and participates in a national PhD platform.

Utrecht PhD Party

The Utrecht PhD Party (UPP) is a University Council party at our university. The UPP has been founded with the aim to bring together PhD candidates with an interest in participation and to offer them an election programme that is aimed at their needs. The UPP will look for PhDs and temporary staff willing to participate and support them during their campaign and their time in university council. To this end, the UPP will coordinate closely with Prout (see above).

PhD Network Netherlands

The PhD Network Netherlands (PNN) is the national interest organization for and by PhD candidates. On behalf of the PhD candidates, the PNN is currently a discussion partner of the VSNU, KNAW, NWO, NVAO, Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, the trade unions, Executive Boards of all Dutch universities and other organizations. In addition, the PNN is also the initiator and member of the European Council of Doctoral Candidates and Junior Researchers (EURODOC).

International Neighbour Group

The International Neighbour Group (ING) is an informal network that organises a broad array of social activities for international staff, postdocs and PhD candidates. ING’s activities include dinners, social get-togethers, Dutch-language courses, parent-child group activities and sight-seeing trips around Utrecht.