Career progammes

It is wise to start thinking about your future career in an early stage of your PhD.

Therefore, PhD candidates of the University of Utrecht are offered different employment programs before the end of their PhD project. We offer you the opportunity to contemplate on your career in the penultimate year (usually your third year) with a PhD Activating Career Event (PhACE). If you did not manage to find a job by the end of your contract at Utrecht University, Work2Work will offer you an employment programme approximately four months before the official end date of your contract.

Work2Work (W2W)

Work2Work offers a re-employment coaching programme for all Utrecht University employees. Work2Work’s primary aim is to prevent unemployment. It does so by combining personal coaching with workshops to prepare you for the job market. You will be registered for the Work2Work programme automatically by your faculty. Registration will take place approximately 4 months before the official end date of your contract at Utrecht University. PhD candidates who have taken part in PhACE will be offered a shortened Work2Work programme.

Target Group

  • Compulsory for PhD candidates who are employed by Utrecht University and whose contract expires
  • Not open to UMCU PhD candidates
  • Not open to bursary PhD candidates

More information can be found on the Work2Work pages at intranet.

Your Faculty/Graduate School

Your faculty may also offer some career events. Please check with your contact person or check the faculty/Graduate School website.