Registration instructions for PhD candidates and supervisors

PhD candidates are required to register in the university-wide PhD-candidate tracking system MyPhD before a PhD track can start. All involved supervisors and other involved parties then inspect and approve this registration.

PhD candidate

All PhD candidates who have been appointed are required to register themselves in MyPhD as soon as possible, but within three months after the start of the research/appointment. PhD candidates who are not appointed (the external PhD candidates) but have the prospect of a PhD ceremony are required to do this approximately two years before the expected PhD defence date. Some faculties have other protocols. External PhD candidates are notified of this by the faculty/graduate school in question.
See also: Doctoral Degree Regulations Articles 4 and 5.

The registration procedure of MyPhD is fully digital and can be forwarded for inspection and approval to the PhD Office, all involved supervisors, the Department Head, the Dean and the Board for the Conferral of Doctoral Degrees with a press of the button.


  • If any information (such as digital copies of the doctoral thesis) or signatures are lacking, this can have consequences for the exemption from/admission to the PhD track or the date of the PhD ceremony.
  • For more information on the Board for the Conferral of Doctoral Degrees and on MyPhD, please contact the secretary (pdf) for the relevant faculty/department.
  • For more information on technical matters involving MyPhD, please contact the ICT Service Centre. Email: Phone number: +31 (0)30 253 4500.
  • More information on the required language skills (English).

While registering in MyPhD, the uploading of the following documents is required:

  • A copy of the most relevant degree. Do you have any questions on the validity of (foreign) degrees? Please ask them on Qdesk.
  • A copy of a valid ID. This copy will only be used for the correct registration of the person's name and not to check the person's identity. If desired, you may make the Citizen Service Number/Social Security Number (Dutch name: burgerservicenummer, BSN) illegible.

While registering, it is good to have the following data at hand:

  • Information on the most relevant degree: MyPhD requires the name of the institute, the kind of degree programme, the kind of degree, the date of the degree.
  • MyPhD also requires a working title for the doctoral thesis. This can always be changed at a later stage.
  • The personal information of the supervisor or supervisors who is/are not employed at Utrecht University. The following information is important: full name, initials, titles, the name of the institute, the address of the institute, email address. A list of supervisors who are employed at Utrecht University can be found in MyPhD.

Registration in MyPhD

PhD supervisor

The appointment of the supervisor or supervisors is required to take place before the involved professor receives an honourable discharge.

Please make sure that the PhD candidate registers themselves in MyPhD. As soon as the PhD candidate has forwarded the digital registration for inspection and approval, please carry out the instructions in the email sent by MyPhD to request approval as soon as possible.
See also: Doctoral Degree Regulations Articles 4 and 5.


For more information on the registration and the regulations that are to be observed during the PhD track, please read Required actions to complete a PhD programme.