News Utrecht University

21 June 2018
Utrecht biologists deciphered the system that plants use to recover from a flooding. When the water is gone, plants still experience severe stress.
19 June 2018
Investments in low carbon energy and energy efficiency will need to markedly increase if the world is to achieve the Paris Climate Agreement.
Anna Akhmanova en onderzoekers (foto: Rafael-Philippen - NWO)
15 June 2018
Prof. Anna Akhmanova from Utrecht University is to receive an NWO Spinoza Prize in the value of 2.5 million euros for her leading research into cytoskeletons.
Prof. dr. Beatrice de Graaf. Foto: Milette Raats
15 June 2018
The Stevin Prize of 2.5 million euros is an individual award intended to foster knowledge transfer and serve as a token of appreciation in this regard.
Unusual iceberg at Rothera Research Station, Antarctic Peninsula (Andrew Shepherd, University of Leeds)
13 June 2018
Ice loss on Antarctica tripled in 10 years, shows a study published in Nature including research from the IMAU
11 June 2018
PhD candidate Sierk de Jong argues that we can limit a large part of this growth by using biojet fuels, if we produce the fuel sustainably.
Spinozalaureaten Alexander van Oudenaarden en Albert Heck.
11 June 2018
To Alexander van Oudenaarden and Albert Heck, it is one of the most beautiful moments in their careers: receiving their Spinoza Prizes.
8 June 2018
On Friday, 1 June, the Utrecht Life Sciences 3Rs Centre hosted the symposium ‘Improving Science, Advancing Animal Welfare’.
7 June 2018
Resistant cells of a certain type of cancer defend themselves against chemotherapy by changing the way they use their nutrients.
Een boer besproeit een sojaveld.
4 June 2018
According to lawyer Natalie Dobson, in some cases climate policy affects the sovereignty of non-EU countries.
Sol in glas in lood
1 June 2018
This year, five Utrecht-based researchers each receive an NWO-Vidi scholarship of 800,000 euros.
1 June 2018
From today, an app is on the market, of which it has been scientifically proved that it helps against sleeping problems.
Dr. Liesbeth van de Grift. Foto: Ed van Rijswijk
31 May 2018
Liesbeth van de Grift will examine the contribution of consumer organisations to increased public participation within the EU.
Road to Open Science Podcast
30 May 2018
The Utrecht Young Academy launches a new podcast on Open Science in collaboration with the Utrecht University Library
prof. Cristiane Morais Smith and dr. Anton Quelle
29 May 2018
Theoretical physicists at Utrecht University and their colleagues in Stockholm have recently discovered that a unique effect occurs in chiral superconductors.