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18 October 2018
Experimental psychologists at Utrecht University have identified which part of the brain causes the passive fear response to be prevented.
Prof. Jan Hogendijk, Universiteit Utrecht
17 October 2018
Prof. Jan Hogendijk (Mathematics) has been appointed as one of six members of the Netherlands Board on Research Integrity (LOWI)
11 October 2018
Four researchers from the Geosciences Faculty of Utrecht University have been named in the Sustainable (Duurzame) 100, published by Dutch newspaper Trouw.
10 October 2018
How do infrastructure and the urban environment shape cycling experiences?
9 October 2018
Today, a Google Street View car will start to measure the air quality of Copenhagen. UU is responsible for the technical and scientific support.
Foto: Roemer Overdiep
9 October 2018
Climate scientist Detlef van Vuuren of Utrecht University wins the prestigious Huibregtsen Prize for his work developing the IMAGE climate forecasting model.
F.C. Donders-dag
8 October 2018
Do your eyes start to sparkle when you think of Von Helmholtz' ophthalmoscope? In that case you should come to the F.C. Donders day on Friday 30 November.
Etend kind
8 October 2018
The prevention of autism through dietary adjustments among the risk group at an early age: this ultimate goal drives a major research project.
8 October 2018
Shutting down this protein complex makes it impossible for the outer membrane to maintain itself, causing the bacteria to die.
Windmolens op zee
5 October 2018
The PhD thesis of Jan Huynen at Utrecht University resulted in Blue Battery, a plan for an underground energy buffer in the Dutch province of Limburg.
4 October 2018
The replacement of current sunscreen chemicals with plant extracts is potentially safer and more environmentally friendly.
4 October 2018
Earth Scientists from among others Utrecht University evaluated thirteen different ocean-based measures to lessen the impact of climate change.
3 October 2018
Why People Radicalize, written by research social psychologist and law professor Kees van den Bos, explains how the radicalization process develops.
1 October 2018
Green Office Utrecht City Centre is now open!
Open access buttons
28 September 2018
As from 1 January 2020 all publicly funded scientific articles must be published in Open Access. What will be the consequences of this plan?