News Utrecht University

Aisha Gohar
15 January 2018
Aisha Gohar discovered new differences between men and women in artery calcification and heart failure.
12 January 2018
The European Commission had appointed Prof. Madeleine de Cock Buning of Utrecht University to chair the new High-Level Expert Group on fake news.
12 January 2018
Radboud University Medical Center and the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences have joined the Netherlands Centre for One Health.
12 January 2018
Prof. Carl Folke spoke at the opening of the CCSS about the importance of complex systems approach to addressing sustainability challenges
Example Primitive Moth NonGlossata
10 January 2018
An international team of scientists led by Utrecht University have found the oldest fossil remains of moths and butterflies known to date.
Drie vriendinnen
9 January 2018
Dynamics of Youth starts off the new year with a new aspiration: strengthening Europe’s children and youth, by putting Resilient Youth on the European agenda.
8 January 2018
Annelien Bredenoord wins UU Publicity Award 2017.
Bushalte met reizigers aan de Heidelberglaan in Utrecht Science Park (USP)/De Uithof.
3 January 2018
There will be a nationwide regional transport strike on January 4th 2018, including U-OV.
27 December 2017
The HU and UU suspend the UVSV's subsidies and management-participation grants of the student society UVSV, effective immediately
22 December 2017
Well fed male white-beaked dolphin died quickly of acute brain damage caused by bacterial blood poisoning.
Sjef Smeekens
21 December 2017
Vice Dean of Research Sjef Smeekens will act as the faculty’s Dean until a new administrator is chosen.
De Darwins
20 December 2017
Darwins 2017 for the best Master’s and Bachelor’s theses in Biology for two students from Utrecht University: Mariska Simpson and Emma van Grinsven
20 December 2017
With a computer model, researchers were able to compare the contributions of various sources to the amount of methane in the atmosphere.
20 December 2017
The Executive Board has appointed Janneke Plantenga as Interim Dean of the Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance (LEG) with effect from 1 January 2018.
Lennart de Groot
19 December 2017
This year’s 'Nationale Wetenschapsquiz' will see Lennart de Groot, earth scientist at Utrecht University, defend his title as a scientist.