News Utrecht University

Zebravink zit op een takje.
14 November 2017
Johan Bolhuis: "There are some very interesting similarities between the way songbirds learn to sing and the way children learn to talk."
Green Office team
13 November 2017
Green Office Utrecht, the sustainability community of Utrecht University, organises from 23-26 November the 4th Green Office Summit.
13 November 2017
The statistician is one of the ten new members. He wants to specialise himself within the Academy on the concept of 'uncertainty'.
Biodiversiteit in de uiterwaarden
8 November 2017
Research by amongst others Utrecht University shows a successful combination of a lower flood risk with the start of biodiversity recovery.
Annetje Ottow
7 November 2017
From 1 January 2018, Prof. Annetje Ottow will be the new vice-president of the Executive Board of Utrecht University.
Green Office Experience Circular Economy
6 November 2017
The circular economy is still a niche that is not well known by the wider public, conclude researchers from Utrecht University and Deloitte.
Gerrit van Meer
2 November 2017
Dean Gerrit van Meer of the Faculty of Science has been elected as a member of the Academia Europaea.
1 November 2017
The Global Geo Health Data Center brings together clinical health scientists and geographers, combining health and the environment as a single subject.
1 November 2017
Sociologists from Utrecht University accessed the unregulated dark web to analyse the transactions made there.
Albert Heck, Universiteit Utrecht
1 November 2017
Albert Heck has been appointed Distinguished Professor of the Faculty of Science at Utrecht University
Het gebouw van de Utrechtse Life Sciences Incubator
30 October 2017
In the construction of the Life Sciences Incubator (LSI) at Utrecht Science Park, so-called voided biaxial slabs were used. There is no collapse hazard.
Daphina Misiedjan
30 October 2017
Daphina Misiedjan (PhD School of Law) has received a Black Achievement Award. She received the Encouragement Award for young talent
Tentamenzaal met chromebooks
27 October 2017
On 31 October, some 700 Law students will take their examinations on Utrecht University laptops all at the same time.
Eerste auteur Bjorn Robroek in een van de onderzochte hoogvenen
27 October 2017
Conclusions of European study about how peat bogs react to global change published in Nature Communications
Spelevarende randstedelingen in Giethoorn
27 October 2017
Economic growth is still not expressed in an equal rise of comprehensive wellbeing for Dutch households.