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Aletta Kraneveld
24 August 2017
Aletta Kraneveld, Professor of Interdisciplinary Translational Pharmacology, will hold her inaugural lecture on 6 September.
23 August 2017
Dozens of Dutch researchers are to lay the foundations for major scientific research into the origins of life.
Depressieve jongere
23 August 2017
Marco Boks concluded in 2016 that the marks a difficult childhood leaves in DNA are harmful. ‘However, we now know that those traces can actually help us.’
Pictogrammen van man en vrouw bij het toilet.
22 August 2017
Prof Dr Rosemarie Buikema (Gender Studies) explains why a seemingly small change in addressing people has a big impact on how people interact with each other.
22 August 2017
Nature-publication by researchers at The Netherlands Cancer Institute in collaboration with Wei Wu and Albert Heck at Utrecht University
Biologisch afbreekbaar servies
21 August 2017
Biodegradable disposables replace the current porcelain dishes and cutlery during a pilot in one of the restaurants of Utrecht University.
complex protein structure calculated with the M3 Framework
18 August 2017
Easier decoding of unknown protein complexes
Annelien Bredenoord
15 August 2017
Annelien Bredenoord is ethicist. Since it has become technically possible to repair embryo DNA, many journalists utilise her expertise in this field.
uu shanghai ranking
15 August 2017
This high ranking is due, among other factors, to the list of frequently cited researchers.
Marc Bonten
9 August 2017
The rule to always finish an antibiotics treatment has been put under a lot of pressure due to a British survey. Professor Marc Bonten is not convinced.
8 August 2017
Opiniion Sjaak Brinkkemper and Slinger Jansen
Marc van Mil UU
3 August 2017
Is it desirable to intervene in human DNA? Marc van Mil of Utrecht University and University Medical Center Utrecht considers the advantages and disadvantages.
StratoClim project - research aircraft M55 Geophysica
1 August 2017
Climate researcher Thomas Röckmann investigates air at altitudes up to 20 km
31 July 2017
In a lot of countries, dogs are treated inhumanely
Japanse Duizendknoop Beuningse Uiterwaarden
31 July 2017
Rivers are high-speed corridors for the spread of invasive exotic plants.