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27 September 2018
Climate change is also a matter of ethics, argues Prof Ingrid Robeyns.
Illustratie van het poriëncomplex gevormd door Lipide II en het antimicrobiële peptide nisine
27 September 2018
An advanced new NMR Research method means a breakthrough for research into a promising class of alternative antibiotics
Julian Kirchherr
27 September 2018
"Perfectionism is paralysing too many PhD students", says Julian Kirchherr. "A more pragmatic approach to doctoral research is needed."
Start Open Science Programma
26 September 2018
The new Open Science Programme by Utrecht University facilitates and stimulates researchers to put open science into practice.
Sheila Jasanoff
26 September 2018
A pioneer in her field, Sheila Jasanoff calls for a new imaginary in the transition to sustainability.
Luchtfoto Lek
26 September 2018
Even long before the Middle Ages, humans have had a strong impact on river behaviour in the Dutch delta plain.
Prijswinnaar Avin Ghedri (midden) poseert met Berent Prakken, Annetje Ottow, Minister Ingrid van Engelshoven en Gönül Dilaver
21 September 2018
Avin Ghedri wins the ECHO Award 2018 for her contribution to uniting groups with both Western and non-Western backgrounds
Professor Joshua Coon
18 September 2018
Professor Coon is one of the most prominent researchers in Proteomics worldwide.
Bruidspaar met ruzie. Fotocredits: iStock
18 September 2018
Numbers show that one in three married couples will have a divorce. Catrin Finkenauer, who researches relationships, youth and messy divorces, explains why.
Alle laureaten van de Spinoza- en Stevinpremies 2018
12 September 2018
Cell biologist Anna Akhmanova and historian Beatrice de Graaf were presented with the highest distinctions awarded in Dutch science
Schematische weergave van een magnon of spingolf
12 September 2018
The main component of rust is a cheap and promising material for ICT applications with low excess heating at increased speeds, physicist demonstrate.
10 September 2018
Prof. Bert Leufkens was honoured with the Distinguished Science Award from the International Pharmaceutical Federation
Shanghai Ranking
5 September 2018
Utrecht University researchers are ranked second best worldwide in the Shanghai Ranking category Geography.
5 September 2018
Lawyer Stefan Kulk and data specialist Mirko Schäfer are critical of the 'link tax' and proposed copyright filter.
Matthias Aengenheyster ontvangt de scriptieprijs van decaan Isabel Arends
4 September 2018
In his thesis, titled “Point of No Return and Optimal Transitions in CMIP5”, Aengenheyster determined the point of no return in climate change.