News Utrecht University

Albert Heck, Universiteit Utrecht
1 November 2017
Albert Heck has been appointed Distinguished Professor of the Faculty of Science at Utrecht University
Het gebouw van de Utrechtse Life Sciences Incubator
30 October 2017
In the construction of the Life Sciences Incubator (LSI) at Utrecht Science Park, so-called voided biaxial slabs were used. There is no collapse hazard.
Daphina Misiedjan
30 October 2017
Daphina Misiedjan (PhD School of Law) has received a Black Achievement Award. She received the Encouragement Award for young talent
Tentamenzaal met chromebooks
27 October 2017
On 31 October, some 700 Law students will take their examinations on Utrecht University laptops all at the same time.
Eerste auteur Bjorn Robroek in een van de onderzochte hoogvenen
27 October 2017
Conclusions of European study about how peat bogs react to global change published in Nature Communications
Spelevarende randstedelingen in Giethoorn
27 October 2017
The economic growth is still not expressed in an equal rise of broad prosperity for Dutch households.
Felisa Tibbitts tijdens haar oratie
26 October 2017
Felisa Tibbitts delivered her inaugural lecture about the importance of human rights education, its nature and its objectives.
26 October 2017
This year, the Student Research Conference will take place on Wednesday, November 15th, at the University College Roosevelt in Middelburg.
25 October 2017
Interview, Majed Nabod, winner U.S.E. Master's Thesis Award
Ouafa Dahri
24 October 2017
As a student at Utrecht University, Ouafa Dahri had never taught a class before. Still, she presented a TV lecture at the 'University of The Netherlands'.
Overhead power lines (iStock/photovs )
19 October 2017
Since October 2017, the Centre for Energy Research has been based at the Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance.
Jan Raaijmakers
19 October 2017
Jan Raaijmakers occupied the Pharmaceutical Technology Assessment Chair since 1998;
Atlas van de Onderwereld
17 October 2017
For the first time, the Earth’s mantle has been fully mapped. Geoscientists from Utrecht University call their project the ‘Atlas of the Underworld’.
Jovana Zecevic
16 October 2017
Jovana Zečević receives the award for her outstanding research results on metal oxide water systems.
Alexander Schonhuth
12 October 2017
Dr. Alexander Schönhuth has been appointed Professor of Genome Data Science for one day per week at the Institute of Biodynamics and Biocomplexity