News Utrecht University

14 May 2018
The EU is sitting on a gold mine with the Urban Agenda, but policymakers can make better use of the new initiative by focusing more on experimentation.
Pillen in blisterverpakking
7 May 2018
Data from day-to-day clinical practice and patients’ experiences should have more influence on drug reimbursement, according to PhD candidate Amr Makady.
Utrecht Science Park
6 May 2018
Utrecht Science Park is the biggest science park in the Netherlands.
Tania Morán Luengo and Stefan Rüdiger from Utrecht University
3 May 2018
Research of Tania Morán Luengo, Stefan Rüdiger and colleagues from Heidelberg led to a breakthrough in understanding the functioning of the Hsp70-Hsp90 cascade
Schematische weergave van een virus die zijn 'prooi' injecteert
3 May 2018
The manner in which some viruses inject their DNA into bacteria or other types of cells, appears to be much simpler than scientists had previously thought
Het basiskamp van de gletsjeronderzoekers op de locatie van zomerse smeltmeren. (© Nick Gillett)
2 May 2018
Meltwater lakes do not only appear in summer, Utrecht glaciologist Peter Kuipers Munneke discovered. The cause: warm wind.
Meisje met stoepkrijt
1 May 2018
During a health hackathon, neurobiologist Heidi Lesscher worked on a new app that will stimulate chronically ill children to play more.
Kasper van Gelderen, genomineerd Wetenschapstalent 2018
30 April 2018
Molecular plant biologist Kasper van Gelderen is one of 25 nominees for the election of the Dutch/Flemish Scientific Talent 2018 award
Feike Sijbesma
30 April 2018
CEO of DSM is one of the thinkers, speakers, and doers who are stepping up to meet today’s challenges.
Bushalte met reizigers aan de Heidelberglaan in Utrecht Science Park (USP)/De Uithof.
26 April 2018
Due to a nationwide regional transport strike on Monday 30 April and Tuesday 1 May there will be limited regional buses in service.
Fast food
25 April 2018
The number of fast-food restaurants near people’s homes increases their risk of cardiovascular diseases.
25 April 2018
The world is urbanising at a rapid rate. Maarten Hajer looks at how the growing urban population can be provided with sustainable and liveable housing.
Iris Otto
24 April 2018
Six young researchers pitched their research on stage for an enthusiastic audience and jury on Monday 23 April
23 April 2018
An international team, Dr. ir. Niko Wanders of Utrecht University, write in Nature Climate Change that global warming will exacerbate soil droughts in Europe.
Geothermische installatie
23 April 2018
Utrecht University is exploring the possibility of building the first geothermal power station in Utrecht.