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29 January 2019
NWO has awarded a research grant to a collaboration between researchers from Utrecht and Wageningen and industry.
Mortmain rekening september 1438 september 1439 (Archives departementales du Nord à Lille bestand B 12206 folio 1)
28 January 2019
It also appears that the Black Death affected all layers of the population, but that women had an increased chance of dying.
28 January 2019
Eleven outstanding academics have been selected to join the Utrecht Young Academy in 2019.
28 January 2019
Life sciences, health and sustainability: these are key words for the future development of Utrecht Science Park.
Dr. Robert de Vries, Universiteit Utrecht
24 January 2019
De Vries receives the premium for his important research on the receptor-specificity of viruses, including the influenza virus.
24 January 2019
On the initiative of UNICEF, researchers are starting with a research project into the well-being of youngsters in the Netherlands.
23 January 2019
This is the first time that the development of language use in Dutch novels and newspapers has been studied over a longer period of time.
1000e YOUth deelnemer kind en tiener
23 January 2019
On Wednesday 16 January the YOUth Child & Teenager programme reached a milestone: 1000 participants.
Integriteit en Nederlandse voetbal
21 January 2019
An in-depth investigation into two incidents in Dutch football in which integrity was questioned in the media.
18 January 2019
Get to know Prof Sheila Jasanoff from Harvard, keynote speaker at next week's Pathways to Sustainability conference.
18 January 2019
Dutch newspaper Het Financieele Dagblad calls Baarslag one of the fifty promising, young, enterprising talents under the age of 35.
Veerkracht van kinderen na scheiding
16 January 2019
Are children barely troubled by a divorce or do they pay a serious psycho-social price? Reine van der Wal answers this question.
Nationaal Politielab AI
15 January 2019
The lab is the ideal facility for young scientists to conduct research into ways that artificial intelligence can support police work over the coming years.
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15 January 2019
Jacobse has been awarded the grant by NWO for a two-year research visit to University of California, Berkeley (USA).
Duikers en bouwvakkers installeren het plastic op het geraamte van de walvis
14 January 2019
The Skyscraper whale, brought here by Utrecht University, draws attention to the waste problem of plastic in seas and rivers.