News Utrecht University

31 January 2018
Dr. Elma Blom, an expert in language development, analysed how children between the ages of 10 and 13 use 'textese'.
De Escherichia coli
29 January 2018
Histidine phosphorylation seems to be just as important as the other three signalling routes, first study by Utrecht scientists reveals
Nano-architectuur: nikkeldeeltjes zo klein als één veertigduizendste van een menselijke haar zijn de beste katalysatoren voor CO2-omzetting
29 January 2018
Mechanism of CO2-conversion catalysed by nickel nanoparticles unlocked for 'power-to-gas' concept
De skylines van Utrecht en Sydney
26 January 2018
Dr. Vasileios Chatzaras, postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Earth Sciences, moves down under thanks to the Utrecht-Sydney exchange agreement.
Politiepatrouille en pantserwagen in het centrum van Brussel
25 January 2018
Emergency measures frequently have unexpected or undesirable side-effects for society and the democratic rule of law.
Een student van InclUUsion en buddy-student.
23 January 2018
Anton Pijpers of Utrecht University and Alderman Kees Diepeveen sign a collaboration agreement in order to improve the integration of refugees in Utrecht.
Prof. dr. Bas van Bavel. Foto: Ed van Rijswijk
22 January 2018
The gap between the poor and the rich is growing, according to Oxfam Novib. What is causing inequality? And how do we turn the tide?
Wilkesland, Oost-Antarctica
22 January 2018
The ice sheets in Antarctica could melt much sooner than was thought, Utrecht University climate researchers show.
19 January 2018
The nominees for the Teacher Awards are announced.
19 January 2018
New approach combines veterinary medicine with forensics.
Aletta Kraneveld
19 January 2018
Prof. Elly Hol en prof. Aletta Kraneveld about the descion of Pfizer to stop research on medication for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s:
Vrouw worstelt met paraplu aan een stormachtig strand
18 January 2018
Western storm: UU buildings stay opened, attendance not required
18 January 2018
Birka Wicke has been researching the harmful effects of palm oil for the past ten years.
De Koreaanse kunstenaar Jiwon Woo en hoogleraar Microbiologie Han Wösten
18 January 2018
Professor of Microbiology Han Wösten and Korean artist Jiwon Woo have won one of the three ZonMw Bio Art & Design (BAD) Awards for 2017
Ondertekening convenant BZK en UU
17 January 2018
The Dutch Ministry and Utrecht University agreed to strive for more synergy between policy development and research in the field of institutions and society.