News Utrecht University

29 October 2018
Netspar has awarded a grant of €250.000 for a study into the effectiveness of existing interactive online decision aids for pension scheme participants.
Time Crystal Diffraction
29 October 2018
The results are published in Physical Review Letters.
Laag water aan de Waalkade. Foto: Tim Hahn
25 October 2018
Drought expert Niko Wanders shows that by using new models, we can take measures to protect ourselves from drought earlier.
Logo League of European Research Universities
24 October 2018
The Digital Higher Education Summit is a blended conference organized by LERU.
22 October 2018
Restoring populations of large mammals can help in mitigating climate change. This is concluded by ecologists from several universities, including Utrecht.
18 October 2018
Experimental psychologists at Utrecht University have identified which part of the brain causes the passive fear response to be prevented.
Prof. Jan Hogendijk, Universiteit Utrecht
17 October 2018
Prof. Jan Hogendijk (Mathematics) has been appointed as one of six members of the Netherlands Board on Research Integrity (LOWI)
11 October 2018
Four researchers from the Geosciences Faculty of Utrecht University have been named in the Sustainable (Duurzame) 100, published by Dutch newspaper Trouw.
10 October 2018
How do infrastructure and the urban environment shape cycling experiences?
9 October 2018
Today, a Google Street View car will start to measure the air quality of Copenhagen. UU is responsible for the technical and scientific support.
Foto: Roemer Overdiep
9 October 2018
Climate scientist Detlef van Vuuren of Utrecht University wins the prestigious Huibregtsen Prize for his work developing the IMAGE climate forecasting model.
F.C. Donders-dag
8 October 2018
Do your eyes start to sparkle when you think of Von Helmholtz' ophthalmoscope? In that case you should come to the F.C. Donders day on Friday 30 November.
Etend kind
8 October 2018
The prevention of autism through dietary adjustments among the risk group at an early age: this ultimate goal drives a major research project.
8 October 2018
Shutting down this protein complex makes it impossible for the outer membrane to maintain itself, causing the bacteria to die.
Linda Senden, hoogleraar Europees Recht.
5 October 2018
California requires listed companies to appoint a woman on the board. Three questions to Linda Senden, expert European gender equality.