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Een van de stukken Durvillaea-zeewier die vorig jaar op een Antarctisch strand werden aangetroffen (King George Island, 2017). Foto: Erasmo Macaya
16 July 2018
An unexpected discovery by an international research team shows antarctic ecosystems are more vulnerable than assumed.
Logo Nature
16 July 2018
Coastal management and preservation depend on thorough understanding of role that plants play in changing landscapes.
Prof. Ferdi Engels
11 July 2018
With this new chair and Ferdi Engels’ appointment Utrecht University underlines its ambition to become more diverse and inclusive.
UMCU medewerkers praten met een patiënte
11 July 2018
Research project ‘MyOwnResearch’, including Utrecht University professors Aletta Kraneveld and Alex Schönhuth, has been awarded a grant of 2.6 million Euros.
10 July 2018
Professor Global Economic Challenges wants to improve, among other things, the quality of pre-school education for pre-schoolers from poor families.
Emma Luitjens, Georgios Agkavanakis, Yurhan Kwee, Janin Herkrath, Rushi Sanjeev Mehta, Franco Grosso Giordano
9 July 2018
Students from the Master’s programme Bio-Inspired Innovation have made it to the finals of the international Biomimicry Global Design Challenge
6 July 2018
Computer scientist Gabriele Keller has been appointed to the post of Professor of Software Technology as of 1 September 2018.
4 July 2018
Utrecht University researcher and solar energy expert Wilfried van Sark interviewed by NOS about why it can be a good idea to clean your solar panels.
4 July 2018
Prof. Frank van der Duijn Schouten has been appointed as a member of the Supervisory Board by the Minister of Education, Culture and Science.
4 July 2018
The gap between the poor and the rich threatens to become unbridgeable. What does this mean for our chances and our children's chances?
Thomas Schillemans
3 July 2018
Thomas Schillemans appointed Professor in Accountability, Behaviour and Governance at the Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance.
Albert Heck
3 July 2018
Albert Heck is to receive two international distinctions this summer for his work in biochemistry and mass spectrometry.
IJsberg en zee bij Antarctica.
2 July 2018
Scientists from Utrecht University have shown that the Earth’s polar regions, even when they were ice-free, warm up much stronger due to increasing CO2 levels.
Koningin Maxima begroet jonge patiënt van Prinses Máxima Centrum voor kinderoncologie
2 July 2018
The nominees for the Student Awards 2018 have been announced. The prizes are awarded during the official Opening of the Academic Year.
Onderzoeker toont gekweekt weefsel in pincet.
2 July 2018
University Medical Center Utrecht and Utrecht University are teaming up to launch a COFUND programme called RESCUE.