News Utrecht University

Hal Minnaert
7 December 2017
Vandaag, woensdag 6 december, opende het gerenoveerde Minnaertgebouw opnieuw haar deuren.
Dr Daniel Oberski, universiteitshoogleraar bij Sociale Wetenschappen.
5 December 2017
Scientific information is often shielded by a paywall. This hinders good science, according to Dr Daniel Oberski. He advocates open science.
4 December 2017
Ecosystems can only function well if there is a diverse mixture of plants across the landscape.
4 December 2017
The European Research Council has awarded the latest ERC Consolidator Grants: five of them will go to Utrecht University and one to UMC Utrecht.
Prof. dr. Appy Sluijs.
4 December 2017
Prof Appy Sluijs of Utrecht University explores the impact of variations in CO2 concentrations on the climate of millions of years ago.
Antarctica vanuit de lucht
4 December 2017
Utrecht University researchers think there is a possibility of regional sea level rises of 1.8 m or more due to the decreasing mass of the Antarctic ice cap.
4 December 2017
Six innovative research proposals have now been awarded financial support from a new fund made available through the Research IT programme.
1 December 2017
Researchers from Utrecht, Delft and Grenoble have now developed a sensor that changes colour when exposed to hydrogen.
30 November 2017
The selective transport process in neurons is made possible thanks to a highly refined, and completely unexpected, organisation of its road network
Bert Weckhuysen
30 November 2017
With effect from 1 January 2018, Bert Weckhuysen has been appointed Distinguished Professor in ‘Catalysis, Energy and Sustainability’ at Utrecht University.
Bert Janssen, sortilin
30 November 2017
Team leader, Dr. Bert Janssen explains how this insight is important to develop new drugs to combat a variety of diseases.
Enea Mauri met de oorkonde behorend bij zijn afstudeerprijs
29 November 2017
Master Theoretical Physics Enea Mauri received a Shell Graduation Prize and five other science students received a Young Talent Encouragement Prize
Guus Velders' team after the presentation of the Award
29 November 2017
Prof Guus Velders and his team have been presented with a ‘Montreal Protocol Ozone Award for Scientific Leadership’’
Logo IRIS H2020
28 November 2017
The H2020 IRIS project revolves around the preservation of energy and mobility at neighbourhood level with ICT and civilian involvement.
Prof. dr. Bas van Bavel. Foto: Ed van Rijswijk
27 November 2017
The laws of nature are what drive wealth inequality within a society, unless society takes action to counteract their effect, such as by adopting taxation laws.