News Utrecht University

Lukas Kapitein
2 August 2018
Lukas Kapitein has been appointed as Professor of Molecular and Cellular Biophysics at the Department of Biology.
ERC logo
1 August 2018
Seven Utrecht-based researchers each receive an ERC Starting Grant of 1.5 million euros this year.
31 July 2018
The findings can benefit nature conservation and restoration.
Robert de Vries
27 July 2018
De Vries will investigate which sugar molecules are functional receptors for influenza viruses, with the aim of developing better vaccines.
25 July 2018
We need to act very soon against the plastic debris in the ocean. But not without scientific evidence, argues Erik van Sebille.
24 July 2018
Testing the manure of over 9,000 pigs and chickens: researchers from the UU and WUR didn't turn their noses up at the task.
Verweerd gesteente in de woestijn van Namibië - Credit Robin van der Ploeg
24 July 2018
The rate at which CO2 is naturally removed from the Earth’s atmosphere is not constant, but can slow down or accelerate, new research shows.
Prepdoc: empowering elderly people in conversations with healthcare professionals
20 July 2018
With the digital tool Prepdoc that is being developed, older patients can practice in order to be better prepared when they see a real doctor.
17 July 2018
Ernst-Jan Kuiper reports from his fieldwork on the Greenland ice sheet: The East Greenland Ice-core Project (EastGRIP)
Elektrische auto's bij oplaadpunt
17 July 2018
Using only monetary measures will barely increase the number of electric cars.
Een van de stukken Durvillaea-zeewier die vorig jaar op een Antarctisch strand werden aangetroffen (King George Island, 2017). Foto: Erasmo Macaya
16 July 2018
An unexpected discovery by an international research team shows antarctic ecosystems are more vulnerable than assumed.
Logo Nature
16 July 2018
Coastal management and preservation depend on thorough understanding of role that plants play in changing landscapes.
Prof. Ferdi Engels
11 July 2018
With this new chair and Ferdi Engels’ appointment Utrecht University underlines its ambition to become more diverse and inclusive.
UMCU medewerkers praten met een patiënte
11 July 2018
Research project ‘MyOwnResearch’, including Utrecht University professors Aletta Kraneveld and Alex Schönhuth, has been awarded a grant of 2.6 million Euros.
10 July 2018
Professor Global Economic Challenges wants to improve, among other things, the quality of pre-school education for pre-schoolers from poor families.