International Women's Day

On 8 March we will celebrate International Women's Day together with students, staff and alumni of Utrecht University. During our annual celebration of International Women's Day, we will not only show what we are doing, but we will also start the conversation with students, alumni, employees and interested parties about how Utrecht University can ensure more equality.

With a varied programme, we offer a platform for research, and we organise workshops and meetings. During the day we are also highlighting Utrecht's research by women and about women. We kindly invite you to participate.

Why does Utrecht University celebrate International Women's Day?

On 8 March, International Women's Day, the inequality between men and women is addressed worldwide. Utrecht University feels it is important to contribute to bridging gaps and creating equal opportunities for all. Therefore, we conduct research on (un)equality of opportunity, the programme Equality, Diversity & Inclusion works on policy and raising awareness on the importance of these issues and the researchers of the Gender and Diversity Hub actively participate in the social debate.