Academic disciplines

At University College Utrecht, you can choose courses from more than 20 different disciplines in Humanities, Social Sciences and Science.

Thanks to the broad and free setup of our curriculum, you have plenty of options to design your own study path. Find out below the content and focus of the main three academic domains. 

Linked Disciplines

Following our Liberal Arts and Sciences educational philosophy, we believe that the different disciplines can benefit from each other. 

Just a couple of examples of fruitful linkages between the disciplines are: 

  • History helps contextualise the theory and application of Politics or Law.
  • Art History and Museum Studies are enriched by courses in Anthropology and Human Geography. If your interest is in art conservation, choose Biology or Chemistry. 
  • Linguistics and Psychology come together in the Psycholinguistics course.

At University College Utrecht, you have the possibility to declare an interdepartmental major. This means that you can assemble your study programme combining courses from at least two of the three main disciplines. You can also study a double major, in which you complete two full majors.

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