After the programme

The Liberal Arts and Sciences programme at University College Utrecht prepares students for a wide range of postgraduate programmes and jobs across many industries, with its intensive programme and broad approach. 

There is one thing all graduates have in common; as students take courses in different academic disciplines and interact with people from a wide variety of background on a daily basis, they develop the creativity and flexibility to bridge differences and think ‘outside the box’. Watch this 4-minute video in which four alumni talk about their time at University College Utrecht and their current careers:

Master's programmes

The majority of our graduates directly enroll in a Master’s programme. About 40% of the graduates who continue with a Master’s programme do so internationally, mainly in the United Kingdom and the United States. Of those who opt to remain in the Netherlands, around half find an attractive Master’s programme at Utrecht University. Our broad curriculum means that graduates of Liberal Arts and Sciences may choose to study in many different Master’s programmes. The Master's programmes that graduates will be eligible for depend on the curriculum they create at University College Utrecht, and students receive advice and guidance from their tutors in this regard. Our tutors help students make sure they meet any requirements for graduate study and that they are well-prepared for the challenge. 

For more information about master's programmes for specific subject areas, please follow the links below to our student site. There you can see the academic subjects gathered under our three main domains, Humanities, Social Science, and Science. Navigate to the academic subject of your choice and check the drop down box 'opportunities for future study'.

Social Science

Future careers

Our graduates continue their studies in a wide variety of disciplines, and as a result, they find jobs with a large range of employers in various fields. Graduates work as doctors, lawyers, psychologists, policy advisors, consultants, politicians, PhD researchers, marketeers, and in many other professions. 

Besides your academic knowledge, studying at University College Utrecht also enables you to develop non-academic skills that are important for a successful and fulfilling career:

  • Adaptability and flexibility (switching between disciplines) 
  • Time management, planning and self-reflection / assessment
  • Experience working and living with people from a wide variety of backgrounds, study interests and talents

For more examples of future careers read the Alumni testimonials on our website. 

Alumni testimonials

Advice and guidance

The Futures Centre of University College Utrecht is a hub for a wide range of information, advice and guidance on internships, further study, employability, CVs, alumni connections and the labour market. The Centre organises regular workshops (also in cooperation with Utrecht University’s Career Services), and they offer personal advice for study and job applications, as well as internship support. Both current students and alumni can reach out to the Futures Centre whenever they need advice or guidance about the next steps in their career.

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