Curriculum enrichment

If you are looking for an additional challenge, University College Utrecht has a wide variety of curriculum enrichment options to choose from. These can add even more breadth, depth, personal growth, community or societal engagement to your bachelor experience.

Study abroad

As a student at University College Utrecht you can choose to study abroad by going on exchange or by attending a summer/winter school. We have more than 50 partner universities worldwide, all of them are of outstanding quality and many of them have a Liberal Arts & Sciences profile. Additionally, you are also allowed to apply for Utrecht University’s destinations at another 90 institutions around the world. Read more about studying abroad on the studentsite


Work experience is a great way to explore professional life, or to better understand a field you are already considering for your later career. An internship can be a part of your curriculum at University College Utrecht and our own UCU Futures Centre offers advice and guidance on finding and applying to a suitable position. Read more about internships on the studentsite.

UCU Cultural Heritage Program (CHIP)

Learn about heritage from the various perspectives of the arts, the social sciences and the sciences. The programme brings University College Utrecht students in contact with cultural institutions, where they gain experience of and can contribute to managing, preserving, researching, and exhibiting cultural heritage. CHIP has its own website with an overview of student stories, lectures and news on the programme. 

Honours courses

University College Utrecht offers many possibilities for expanding your curriculum beyond graduation requirements. Optional classes are offered at University College Utrecht, Utrecht University, or other specialised institutions. The special honours courses at University College Utrecht change regularly, except for the Student-led Honours seminar, which is always on offer.

Double degree programmes

University College Utrecht offers two double degree programmes in collaboration with two departments of Utrecht University: Dutch Law and Physics. A double degree programme allows you to complete two Bachelor’s programmes in 4 years and receive a Bachelor’s degree for each. They allow for greater specialisation in a specific field, but all in the context of a Liberal Arts and Sciences education, which promotes interdisciplinary perspectives and knowledge.

If you are interested in one of these double degree programmes you must apply and be admitted to University College Utrecht first. Although completing two programmes, you only have to pay tuition fees for one (the highest fees are payable while being registered for two Bachelor’s).

Summer and Winter Courses

Summer and winter term courses are condensed in format and allow you to focus fully on a single topic. Course topics are generally interdisciplinary, often taught by guest lecturers and admit students on the basis of a broad range of prerequisites. This makes for groups with varied disciplinary backgrounds and interests, and also, therefore, for lively debate and discussion.


  • Gastronomy: Science and Art of Food
  • The Audiovisual Documentary: Production and Theory
  • Environmental Health
  • Chemistry and Art

Field-based research

A scene from the UCU East Africa research programme
UCU East Africa

At University College Utrecht you get the opportunity to take field trips as part of your education. For example, the UCU East Africa programme aims to introduce students to a host of theories and issues relevant to global political economy studies, critical development studies and African studies (including postcolonialism). The programme is interdisciplinary in nature: students admitted into the programme come from different academic backgrounds. Students can also choose to do Field Research in Aruba, where they use principles of community-based research to do projects in collaboration with stakeholders in Aruba.

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