Meet University College Utrecht

Studying a complex world

At University College Utrecht you study Liberal Arts and Sciences, an educational philosophy that is common in the United States. Instead of choosing just one subject, you create your own study programme from a large number of courses in Science, Social Science and Humanities.

Think about it. The problems we face nowadays are complex. To understand global warming, for example, you need the sciences. But you can’t fully grasp it without knowledge of politics, economics or even ethics. By studying more than one discipline, you learn to approach problems from different perspectives and to think ‘outside the box’. This is what we call multi- and interdisciplinary thinking.

Creating your own study programme can be difficult. That is why at University College Utrecht you have a personal tutor, who will help you think about your future, and choose the right courses.

Vibrant learning community

At University College Utrecht students and staff form a lively community. There are no large lecture halls; instead, classes are small and interactive. The instructors will stimulate you to participate in debates, to give presentations, and to reflect critically and creatively on the course material. 40% of the students are international, so inside and outside the classroom we speak English. And with so many different cultures and backgrounds, you will often encounter surprising perspectives in class discussions. 

All students live and study on the campus in Utrecht. You will live together with other students in a unit in which you will have a private room and a shared living room. Many clubs and committees organize extracurricular activities, ranging from sports and dance to journalism and Model United Nations. And if you need a break from studying, you can have a drink in the student-run campus bar.

Good prospects

University College Utrecht graduates are admitted to top Master’s programmes in the Netherlands and abroad. A Liberal Arts and Sciences degree, therefore, is a valuable asset for a successful career.

Are you…

  • Interested in more than one subject?
  • Ambitious?
  • Eager to contribute to society?
  • Interested in living in an international environment?

Then University College Utrecht might be the place for you!

  • As long as it adds to your personal or professional development, UCU will support you in all ways possible.
  • UCU in all aspects, from the intense course load to the dynamic social environment, is not just education, but an experience that shapes individuals.


Mode of study:
Language of instruction:
3 years
  • Februari
  • September
Tuition fee:
2020-2021: € 4,372 (EU/EEA), € 12,017 (EU/EEA with a Dutch Ba/Ma degree), € 12,431 (non EU/EEA)
Offered by:
University College Utrecht
Degree: This Bachelor's programme is officially registered under its name in the Central Register of Higher Education Study Programmes
BA (Bachelor of Arts) / BSc (Bachelor of Science)
Croho code: