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Are you curious to explore many different fields? 

University College Utrecht provides English-language Liberal Arts and Sciences undergraduate education. Founded in 1998, as the first university college in the Netherlands, we are part of Utrecht University. Our campus is home to 750 students with 70 different nationalities. With the help of a personal tutor, students design their individual curriculum cross-cutting Science, Social Sciences and Humanities. They are also expected to engage in extra-curricular activities. At University College Utrecht, students learn for life.

All students follow a three-year bachelor programme. They graduate with a degree from Utrecht University, either a Bachelor of Science or a Bachelor of Arts.

Liberal Arts and Sciences

According to the Association of American Colleges and Universities, “liberal education is an educational philosophy rather than a body of knowledge, specific courses, or type of institution. By drawing on a broad range of knowledge, it asks students to grapple with complicated, important issues, and usually expects them to learn about at least one subject in greater depth and at an advanced level. Intellectual growth occurs as both broad and deep learning challenge previously held beliefs.”

Active Learning

The small-scale and interactive class format creates optimal opportunity for learning. Students write papers, give presentations, lead discussions about reading materials, engage in debate, work on assignments in small groups, analyse data and so on. They receive feedback on their work in order to improve their academic skills and levels of understanding.

Studying at University College Utrecht requires good planning; students have four classes every semester and each has deadlines for reading assignments, presentations and papers. 

  • As long as it adds to your personal or professional development, University College Utrecht will support you in all ways possible.
  • UCU in all aspects, from the intense course load to the dynamic social environment, is not just education, but an experience that shapes individuals.


Mode of study:
Language of instruction:
3 years
  • Februari
  • September
Tuition fee:
2022-2023: € 4,584 (EU/EEA), € 12,336 (EU/EEA with a Dutch Ba/Ma degree), € 14,000 (non EU/EEA)
Offered by:
University College Utrecht
Degree: This Bachelor's programme is officially registered under its name in the Central Register of Higher Education Study Programmes
BA (Bachelor of Arts) / BSc (Bachelor of Science)
Croho code: