SG lecture: Etched into our memory

The end of the year is the time of news-overviews, lists and reminiscence. We remember failing politicians, natural disasters, mediahypes and those who have exchanged the tempory for the eternal. However, not everything that is important comes to mind, and not everything that comes to mind is important. The things we remember are often arbitrary. What do we take with us from 2018? And which events would we rather forget?

With young researchers from Utrecht Young Academy and with the help of video fragments, we looked back on the year that has passed. An evening on 2018, our memory and that of others. With, among others, literary scholar dr. Susanne Knittel (UU), neurobiologist dr. Angela Sarabdjitsingh (UU) and oceanographer dr. Erik van Sebille (UU).

This programme was a collaboration between the Utrecht Young Academy and Studium Generale. The evening took place on the 27 November 2018.