The ngEHT has placed a major institutional bet on redrawing the lines that have confined academics to separate departments, professional gatherings and research funding panels in response to the challenges faced by modern science.

Cover of Galaxies Journal "Taking the Long View: Historical, Philosophical & Cultural Aspects of the ngEHT"

White paper of the History Philosophy Culture (HPC) working group of the ngEHT.

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If you’ve ever tried to write a paper (or anything!) with someone else, you know how difficult it can be. Now imagine trying to write a scientific paper with over 300 people.

Science Traceability Matrix of the ngEHT

The ngEHT's Key Science Goals paper is the first such document of an (astro)physics collaboration that explicitly includes goals related to the humanities and social sciences (§2.8).

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Big Science Collaborations

Big Science Collaborations: Introduction (UU Master Course)
Big Science Collaborations: Credit, Authorship & Dissent (UU Master Course)

HPC Symposium @ BSPS2023

Symposium Introduction "Planet-Sized Integrated Philosophy of Science"
Collaborations Focus Group of the ngEHT's HPC Working Group