Fundamental research

Science for Sustainability is a community within Pathways to Sustainability, one of the four strategic themes of Utrecht University. Almost all novel sustainability insights and solutions are deeply rooted in fundamental research in the natural sciences. The transition to a sustainable society is a challenge that requires both immediate and sustained research into new technologies, materials, processes, and methods.

Solutions for societal challenges

The natural science community of the Faculties of Science and Geosciences is concerned with research, education, and public engagement on a wide range of sustainability-related topics including energy, materials, climate, environment, and civil safety. Science for Sustainability not only encompasses fundamental, curiosity-driven research aiming at groundbreaking insights into natural systems and materials, but also research directly focused on solutions for societal challenges in the area of sustainability.

An approach to a broad range of sustainability issues rooted in fundamental research in the natural sciences is inevitable, fruitful and relevant.

Our research themes

Although the Science for Sustainability community is highly diverse, the core of its activities can be formulated in the following three research and education themes:

Our research projects

Our community of natural scientists address the complex challenges of sustainability issues. Our research is highly interdisciplinary and dedicated to addressing the core challenges in the field of sustainability. Our scientists are constantly pushing the boundaries, developing cutting-edge technologies and materials, refining processes, and uncovering innovative solutions. Read more about our research projects: