Our mission

The research activities of the group are in the field of experimental condensed matter physics and the central theme is the manipulation of electrons, atoms, and light in nanostructured materials. The group of Peter van der Straten focuses on creating and understanding fundamental excitations in condensed matter model systems with many-body interactions. The nanoLINX group led jointly by Allard Mosk and Sanli Faez investigates and explores non-conventional methods of imaging in scattering materials by integrating concepts from distinct fields such as space-time wavefront shaping, compressive sensing, adaptive optics and optical metrology. The group of Dries van Oosten focuses on light-matter interaction at the nanoscale.The present activities of the Nanophotonics research group all take place in experimental condensed matter physics, with emphasis on nanomaterials. The central theme is the manipulation of electrons, atoms, and light in nanostructured materials.

The Section Nanophotonics is part of the Debye Institute for Nanomaterials Science. The mission of the Institute is to facilitate and promote the research of the participating groups with a special focus on the partially overlapping subfields: colloids, catalysis and nanophotonics. The Institute aims to perform research in these fundamental focus areas at the highest international level and use this knowledge in more applied projects to arrive at a sustainable society and is therefore placed in the focus area Earth and Sustainability.


Princetonplein 1
3584 CC Utrecht
The Netherlands

Phone: +31 30 253 3302 (secretary)


Publicatie Jeroen Bosch in Optics Express
8 November 2016
Playing ping pong with light to find open channels
Visualisatie van door wanorde opgeslagen licht in een fotonisch kristal
12 September 2016
Publication Jin Lian et al. in Optics Express
8 September 2016
Tenure tracker Sanli Faez on the Physics of Light in Complex Systems laboratory