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Bottoms-up Initiatives for Societal Change organises all kind of events to stimulate the discussion, knowledge transer and coopration between scholars and interested people. Do you have an idea for an event? Please email us!

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Methods Workshop Series

This academic year, we are organising a methods workshop series, in which researchers from the UU will share their expertise on a certain method with you and teach you how to implement this methods into your own bottom-up initiatives research. If you are interested in teaching a method, please send an email with the title of your workshop to our methods workshop coordinator Rense Corten.

Upcoming workshops: do sign up and join!
Workshop 'How to Collect Digital Trace Data Using Data Donation?' (17 September 2024) - Laura Boeschoten

Past workshops:
Workhop 'Citizen Science'

Interdisciplinary Seminar Series

This academic year, we are organising an interdisciplinary seminar series with, in each seminar, two speakers from different disciplines to find common ground between their research areas. If you are interested in presenting your research, please send an email with the title of your presentation to our seminar organizer Karin Geuijen.

Upcoming seminars: do sign up and join!

Seminar 'The impact of crowdfunding on the diversification of local economies in the US' (3 October 2024) - Nicola Cortinovis

Past seminars:
'Social Capital and Citizen Collectives'
'Diversity in scaling and generalization of innovations for transformative change'
'Entrepreneurs as Initiators of Sustainable Societal Change: A Historical Perspective'
'Collections of Social Movements for Justice and Sustainability'

The Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

The Entrepreneurial Ecosystems Research Community welcomes all ecosystem friends to join their series of monthly meetings.

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