Seminar 'Entrepreneurs as Initiators of Sustainable Societal Change: A Historical Perspective'


NEW DATE: This seminar replaces the seminar originally scheduled for 4 April 2024

Our third interdisciplinary seminar titled 'Entrepreneurs as Initiators of Sustainable Societal Change' will be a presentation by Johan Schot, as well as by Joost Dankers, Bram Bouwens and Marten Boon.

Johan Schot will explore the role of niches in the societal challenges we face today, by presenting 'Radical transformations in Deep Transitions' perspective'. He argues that radical transformations only can only occur, develop and be successful within local contexts. Linkages to existing interests are imperative. 

Joost Dankers, Bram Bouwens and Marten Boon will present their project 'Entrepreneurs as initiators of sustainable societal change; an oral history approach', an oral history project that focuses on the views, actions and development of sustainability issues of Dutch entrepreneurs from the perspective of the Deep Transition framework.

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Janskerkhof 15A, zaal 0.03
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