About Us

Utrecht research Institute for Information and Computing Sciences is the research institute of the Department of Information and Computing Sciences. The goal of our research is to push the frontiers of knowledge and capabilities in science and application areas by developing concepts, theories, algorithms and software methods that will lead or contribute to innovative and feasible information technologies.

We aim at high-quality foundational research with a keen eye for application. The interaction between foundational research and applications fosters highly scientifically and societal relevant results. On the one hand, applications are based on solid foundations, on the other hand, judiciously chosen applications inspire deep foundational problems. 

Informatics' Desk

We focus our research on four partly overlapping subfields:

Artificial Intelligence studies specifications and designs of intelligent systems. Our objective is to design intelligent software systems based on the concepts of multi-agent systems, machine learning, knowledge discovery, and cognitive robotics.

Interactive Virtual Worlds is all about game technology, media technology, and human-media-interaction. We create new technologies for highly effective interactive experiences and build virtual environments. Its application ranges from learning and training experiences to simulation or entertainment.

Organisation and Information unravels information-based processes within an organisation. We investigate the way information technology is embedded into communication and organisational structures, and we address business IT-alignment and product software.

Software and Algorithms focusses on the discovery and design of algorithms and technologies that strengthen the foundations of information technology. We address advanced issues in information mining, decision-support networks, computational complexity, and software system construction.


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