PhD Program

If you are interested in a PhD position in one of the research groups attached to the institute, here are a number of things to help you on your way.

You will find information relevant specifically for people in their promotion trajectory on the university page for PhD Candidates.

See also the Utrecht University vacancy page.

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A PhD trajectory starts at any point throughout the year. Employment will normally be for four years. Within this time we expect the PhD student to write a PhD thesis. Additional information can be found on the study in holland page

We expect all PhD students  to enroll in the Graduate School of Natural Sciences, in the PhD program Information and Computing Sciences.

Most PhD students are directly employed by the university. Consequently, they will receive salary and no tuition fee is required. There are, however, to exceptions:

  • External PhD students are (often) employed by companies and not the university itself. Unless a bilateral agreement explicitly states otherwise (e.g. with the Hogeschool Utrecht, or TNO) a tuition fee is required.
  • PhD students with a fellowship/bursary/scholarship are funded through a third party and are not employed by the university. A tuition fee is required unless a bilateral agreement states the tuition fee is waived (e.g. the Chinese Scholarship Counsel). More details can be found on the university page for international collaboration.

In the latter two cases, the candidates should contact one of the full professors at the department, and reach agreement about supervision. To get admission, the candidate must have obtained a Master of Science, or equivalent, degree. See also the doctoral degree regulations of the Utrecht University.

Tuition Fee

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Unlike PhD students directly employed by the Utrecht University, fellowship and external PhD students are required to pay a tuition fee. The tuition fee is used reimburse Utrecht University for guidance by a supervisor, library access, use of computing infrastructure, use of floor space, and administration (department, faculty, graduate school).

Payment of the tuition fee is required from the moment a standard hospitality agreement form is signed.


For more information – including the level of tuition fee – please contact the research director of the institute.