Societal impact

The knowledge acquired through research is made available by UUCePP researchers to a wider audience through various forms of education and training for professionals, and through lectures, professional publications, radio interviews-, podcasts, tv performances and social media. You can see this on the personal profile pages of the UUCePP researchers.

Up until now, UUCePP research has had a substantial impact in society.

Aanbestedingsrecht executive edcuation klas

Educating professionals is crucial in this context. For example, the executive programme Aanbestedingsrecht voor de inkooppraktijk is the only interdisciplinary executive programme at a Dutch university where public procurement law is combined with economic theories. Masterclasses, in-company courses, congresses and online seminars are organised with the same purpose in mind (see Executive education).

Up until now, UUCePP research has had a substantial impact in society. Its activities have led to Parliamentary debates (e.g. parliamentary questions on the allegedly illegal cooperation between the Belastingdienst and the National Archive), expert hearings and opinions in Parliament (e.g. in the implementation of the public procurement directives), and various influential leaflets. By publishing monthly columns (National Gazette, Cobouw, and participating in 'Beter Aanbesteden', an initiative of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, the results of the UUCePP-research received wider attention.

Since 2019, UUCePP research is made available to a broader adience and further discussed in the podcast 'Bestek - de Aanbestedingspodcast'. In short, UUCePP-researchers contribute structurally to improving laws and practices in the Netherlands and beyond.