Executive education

The website of the Executive Education provides an updated overview of our masterclasses and training courses. Below, you can find a short overview:

Aanbestedingsrecht voor de Inkooppraktijk (Public procurement law for the public purchasing practice)

This is an interdisciplinary and comprehensive course, which is taught by lecturers from practice and academia. The objective of this program is to learn professionals how to make lawful and effective choices when setting up a public procurement procedure. The programs focusses on Dutch and EU public procurement law.

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Maatschappelijke waarde in competitieve procedures (Societal value in competitive procedures)

The central theme of this masterclass is the integration of societal objectives into the award phase of competitive procedures in order to designate the winning tender(s). The approach used, is a combination of knowledge from the decision making sciences, applied mathematics and from legal science. It aims to instruct professionals  on how to take the most suitable decision by taking the public procurement principles into account.

Samenwerking tussen lokale en regionale overheden (Cooperation between local and regional governments)

Local and regional governments increasingly want to execute their public tasks in cooperation with other governments. However, succesful cooperation is not a given. Interdisciplinairy knowledge of political, legal and governance aspects is required for a cooperation to become a susatainable succes.

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