Art History’s ArtLab brings together research activities devoted to technical studies, digital methodologies, citizen science, and heritage.

person with glue
Photo: Thijs Hagendijk

It is a hub where students, researchers and scholars from the humanities and the sciences come together to research, teach, discover and engage with art, cultural heritage, and its historical techniques and materials.



  • Providing a space for hands-on exploration with materials and new technologies for the study of artistic practice, historical materials and techniques, visual and material culture (heritage).
  • To incubate cutting-edge research projects and foster creative research design.
  • To stimulate and facilitate multidisciplinary collaboration in and outside Utrecht University (community building).
  • Providing a space for teaching demonstrations that engage with materials/digital equipment, open to students and staff across faculties.
  • Providing training for the university community on the use of these techniques and their integration in research.
  • To run a continuous series of outreach activities that interface with the wider public, and tackle societal issues together with society.
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3D scan tomb Dom tower. Photo: Sanne Frequin