Sustainability in research

Together, all scientists of Utrecht University possess a lot of knowledge. This comes with a big responsibility. On the one hand, they carry the responsibility to increase this knowledge as much and as well as possible and apply it to social themes such as sustainability. They also have the responsibility to do outreach: they bring this knowledge to the society in order to jump-start actual sustainable changes.

Onderzoekster in lab bij de faculteit Bètawetenschappen
Sustainability researcher. Photograph by Kees Rutten.

In order to make a sustainable future possible, we need a better understanding of the system earth and possibilities for innovation. Utrecht University unites sustainability research from a few molecules to complete planets, which are focused on water, energy and a healthy environment.

By uniting these expertises, Utrecht University develops integral solutions for sustainability problems and provides knowledge that contributes to a better future for future generations.

Utrecht University is the most cited university in the field of sustainability.

This interdisciplinary research is collected in one of the four strategic research themes on which Utrecht University will profile itself more prominently in the upcoming years: Sustainability. Within it, researchers in several subthemes work on sustainability together.

This leads to renewed science. This is shown by the fact that sustainability research of Utrecht University in the fields of climate change and ecosystems has the greatest impact of all universities.