Zero Waste by 2030

We waste very much food, water and energy worldwide. This is why Utrecht University wants a ‘Zero Waste’ or CO2-neutral, circular operational management by 2030. In other words, a university without waste. Circular is sustainable because it requires fewer goods and resources. This means less energy and fewer resources. As a university, we are going towards an operational management in which we no longer speak of waste, but of resources.

How are we going to do that?

  • no more burning or dumping of waste
  • reuse as much of products and as high-end as possible
  • no more unnecessary purchases
  • collaborate with the catering service to make for 50 % less food by 2030

Zero Waste by 2030

At Utrecht University, we are working toward Zero Waste by 2030. This means no more waste being burned or dumped. We will reduce our waste as much as possible and everything that remains will be reused or recycled.

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