Sustainability is not an abstract concept for us at UU. Together with our students, staff and stakeholders, we devise solutions to the sustainability issues of our time. That is why we put sustainability at the heart of the university's core tasks: both in education and research and in our operations.

We use the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a tool in naming challenges, teaching and finding innovative and groundbreaking solutions. In this way, our university becomes a source of inspiration and we make sustainability concrete, tangible and achievable. We believe it is important to also become more sustainable as an organization itself. Therefore, we want to be CO2 neutral and waste-free by 2030 and increase the biodiversity of the area under our own management.  

    In our organisation

    Find out how Utrecht University is driving the theme of sustainability.

    Strategic themes

    Our multidisciplinary research focuses on four themes:

    1. Dynamics of Youth
    2. Institutions for Open Societies
    3. Life Sciences
    4. Pathways to Sustainability

    The university-wide Pathways to Sustainability program is entirely focused on sustainability. Researchers with different areas of expertise work together on important and recognisable sustainability issues. The central question in these thematic networks: What is needed for the transition to a sustainable society? This is where we at UU contribute through groundbreaking, idiosyncratic, bold and visionary research from multiple areas of expertise.