Sustainability Office

In very many places within UU, we collaborate on sustainability. We make our operational management and procurement policy more sustainable, work on awareness via all kinds of campaigns, do research and structurally integrate the theme of sustainability into our provided education. The Sustainability Office is THE central coordination point where all these activities and communication efforts on the theme of sustainability meet.

The Sustainability Office ensures that we as Utrecht University all convey the same clear and achievable sustainability strategy. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are the connecting thread. These inspire us and provide direction.

What does the Sustainability Office do?

The Sustainability Office:

  • takes the lead in providing direction and substance to the sustainability strategy and goals of UU;
  • facilitates, connects and mobilises all sustainability activities;
  • provides an open and transparent monitoring and reporting of progress;
  • provides an open platform for students and staff members to launch their new plans and projects for a more sustainable university via the Green Office;
  • creates innovative and groundbreaking test gardens (UULabs) for sustainable development in our buildings and on our grounds.

This way, we are working on an organisation in which we think and act together in order to make the university more sustainable.

Our mission is to mobilise, challenge and facilitate students, staff and stakeholders to collectively transform Utrecht University into an example for other organisations when it comes to sustainability.