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Utrecht University is working on a better world. Our goals and ambitions in the field of sustainability are published in various policy documents, vision documents and reports. These are guiding in everything that is currently going on at our university. How sustainable are we now? Which goals do we want to achieve and when? How are we going to do all of that and why do we care?

As Utrecht University, we stand for open, honest and transparent communication on sustainability. Here, you will find an overview of all policy documents, vision documents and reports:

Sustainability Monitor

It is important that every year, we gain good, open and transparent insight into what we have achieved when it comes to making our university more sustainable. Besides a CO2 footprint, the Sustainability Monitor shows the steps the university has taken in the past year in the field of sustainability in education, research and operations. It also shows what we as a university have to work on.

Check out the results:

  • Measuring year: 2018
  • Measuring year: 2019
  • Measuring year: 2020
  • Measuring year: 2021
  • Measuring year: 2022

A top university spreads its wings globally, is strongly rooted in the region and works towards a sustainable world.

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Utrecht University aims to be climate neutral by 2030. Every year since 2014, the university has published the greenhouse gas emissions caused by its activities. The total CO2 emissions in 2021 were 38,312 tonnes. 

CO2 footprint