27 March

16:00 - 17:15

Utrecht University will celebrate its 387th Dies Natalis

The theme of the die celebration is The Climate Crisis - Between Reflection and Action. This is not a celebratory theme, but we think it is crucial to have the debate on this. After all, the climate is changing and the consequences are devastating.More information

27 March

UU Tree Fund launch

Student initiative to raise money to plant trees in and outside Utrecht. As a contribution to improving biodiversity and combating climate change. 

4 April

9:30 - 17:30

The Pathways to Sustainability Conference 2023

Imagine you are in 2060. The planet is a completely different place. What began as a need for change in the ‘transition twenties’ became a deep transformation, both of nature and of society. Climate change has changed the face of the earth, in some places we now live with water, not against it. Sustainability is now at the heart of our politics. The Pathways to Sustainability Conference 2023 will reflecte on this year's theme ‘See the future’ from various perspectives.More information

4 April


Repair café

At the Repair Café, (volunteer) repairers help fix broken things. From clothes to toasters: everything has a chance of being repaired. By giving things a second life, there is no need to buy new stuff. This saves raw materials, energy and CO2 emissions.More information

15 May


Second deep democracy session on collaboration with fossil industry

Should the university collaborate with the fossil industry - and if so, under what conditions? Which ambitions do we have around this topic? That is the subject of a series of meetings the Executive Board is organizing with the University Council.More information

22 May


Biodiversity Festival

On International Biodiversity Day we organize a Biodiversity Festival to connect stakeholders, active on the theme of biodiversity, and UU scientists from different disciplines. This way, we can find cooperation and strengthen each other on our way bending the curve of biodiversity loss.More information
  • Sustainable Development Goals at Utrecht University