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UULabs facilitates and stimulates the development of living labs on campus and is the front office for academic-operational-societal collaboration.

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Living labs

  • Healthy Heidelberglaan

    The Heidelberglaan is scheduled for redevelopment. Currently, air quality, climate adaptation and user experience are being measured and evaluated. The outcomes will be used as input for the redesign.
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  • Bio Receptivity

    P-Olympos is an energy-neutral, circular and green parking garage. Experiments and research is being done on the gabions and grass verges to promote and evaluate organism growth on concrete and it's symbiosis with it's surroundings.
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  • PFAS Remediation

    A field in Utrecht Science Park is contaminated with PFAS, substances that are very difficult to break down. With a living lab, the possibilities of sustainable remediation are explored.
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  • Zero Waste

    The university wants to be zero waste by 2030. In this lab, student led research is helping gain insights on how to become zero waste quickly, efficiently and inclusively.
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I believe that UULabs can bring academics and business operations closer together, in order to contribute to a sustainable campus.

Prof. dr. Marko Hekkert
Professor Dynamics of Innovation Systems and Director General of the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency

Our labs are open innovation experiments of our own students, researchers and operational staff. We welcome participants from all corners of society. What will you contribute? 

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