Sustainability at Utrecht University

The transition to a sustainable society is starting to take shape and accelerate. Social developments are established in European and Dutch policy and increasingly translated into legislation. For instance, the European Green Deal and the Dutch Climate Agreement set high ambitions for real estate and mobility. Legislation on reporting obligations will be mandatory in the future as an instrument to speed up the transition.

From our public role as a university, we bear a great social responsibility. Sustainable development is therefore one of Utrecht University's guiding principles (Strategic Plan 2025). Using the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals as a guideline, UU has formulated a number of sustainability goals in the Strategic Plan that it aims to achieve in the foreseeable future.

CO2 neutral and natural gas free?

How will Utrecht University make its energy supply CO2-neutral and natural gas-free?

Utrecht University wants to be CO2-neutral by 2030 and natural gas-free by 2040. In this video, you can see how we plan to achieve these goals (in Dutch, English subtitles available).

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New generation of critical global citizens

Sustainability in education

The master programme of CHARM-EU

Tackling sustainability issues together

The CHARM-EU master's programme Global Challenges for Sustainability is a first: for the first time in Europe, students can follow a joint degree master's programme. Global Challenges for Sustainability has a transdisciplinary character and focuses on concrete, societal issues on water, food and health.

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More multidisciplinary research as a basis for solutions

Sustainability in research

Sustainability in operations