Future-proof buildings

When developing, constructing and managing real estate, Utrecht University chooses the leading principles: healthy, energy generating and circular.

Future-proof buildings: explained in two minutes.
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In the document Toekomstbestendige gebouwen, realising circular buildings is one of the four ambitions to which the university has committed itself. The relevant principles and performance requirements are included in all initiated real estate projects from the outset. This enables the university to use as few new raw materials as possible and to use recycled building materials wherever possible.

Healthy, circular and energy generating

In a future-proof building, the principles healthy, energy generating and circular take centre stage. The buildings the university constructs, contribute to the well-being and the performance of students and staff. The buildings provide energy instead of using energy. They can also be disassembled so the raw materials retain their value.

Besides that, the buildings can also be modified, so developments in research and education are maximally supported. Future-proof buildings are essential in developing a sustainable, vital and affordable campus.

The university wants to be CO₂ neutral in 2030. The realising of future-proof buildings contributes to that.

Anton Pijpers onderaan trap
Anton Pijpers
President of the Executive Board

The Real Estate Strategy lists the terms and guidelines that the future-proof buildings of Utrecht University have to meet. During the recalibration, we assessed together with the faculties whether or not the terms still linked up well with the wishes and needs for future housing, and changes in the world around us were entered.

Sustainable energy provision for buildings

Future-proof buildings use little energy or generate energy. Utrecht University has drafted an energy strategy for this purpose. Besides reducing the use of energy, Utrecht University makes its energy provision more sustainable one step at a time.

Utrecht University takes a maximum stake in thermal storage, a sustainable alternative to heat and cool down buildings. In the future, the use of thermal storage will form the foundation of the sustainable energy provision of Utrecht University. Besides that, the university uses solar panels and solar carports, and purchases 100 % green energy that is generated by windmills in the Netherlands.

Utrecht University is has studied the feasibility of generating wind energy by itself.