Coronavirus - international admissions

Are you applying at Utrecht University as an international student? Find out more about application and visa, in relation to the coronavirus developments.

Secondary school final exams have been or may be cancelled in my school/country. Can I still be admitted to a Bachelor’s programme?

Utrecht University is actively monitoring all such developments happening around the world, and we will be reviewing what implications the cancellation of different final exam sessions may have for our admissions policy as and if they happen. Please continue to watch this page, as we will publish more information here as it becomes available.

If you already applied and received conditional admission based on an International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma or British GCE A-levels that you will obtain in 2020: the cancellation of the exam sessions of summer 2020 does not have an impact on your eligibility. As long as you obtain your diploma and meet the conditions specified in your letter of admission, you can receive unconditional admission and enroll in your chosen programme in September. Do note that if you applied for a limited enrolment or selective programme, you will still need to be selected by your programme.

If you haven’t applied yet, we encourage you to continue the application process and to submit your application on time, despite any uncertainties. We recognize that these are highly unusual circumstances, and we are committed to supporting students and ensuring that the admissions process continues as smooth as possible.

I sent my hard copies to the university, but I received no communication about them. Did you receive my documents?

In accordance with the guidelines of the Dutch government, most of our staff will be working remotely until 6 April. This will unfortunately result in the slower processing of physical documents that are being sent to the office of International Student Admissions.

Regardless of this delay, we do advise you to send us the required documents as instructed in your letter of conditional admission. We will confirm their arrival as soon as possible.

Will Utrecht University postpone its application deadline?

For students with a non-Dutch prior education, the current application deadlines for a Master’s programme remain in force for the time being.

For students who wish to apply for a Bachelor’s programme and have an EU/EEA nationality the May 1st deadline has been pushed back to June 1st.

The enrolment date for non-EU residents wishing to enroll in a Bachelor's or Master's programme remains 1 April. We have made this decision because, in contrast to Dutch and EU students, these students also follow a trajectory to obtain a residence permit. In case these students cannot submit all documents by 1 April, they can submit missing documents at a later date. We want to be lenient in this respect.

I’m an international (prospective) student, what happens to the (mandatory) matching activities?

The mandatory matching procedure of this year varies from that of previous years. Study programmes will not be offering face to face matching activities. International (prospective) students are required to follow a matching procedure if they are living in the Netherlands on 1 June 2020. Please visit for more information about matching.

I am not able to submit all the required application documents because my school/university is closed

Please contact International Student Admissions at for specific advice.

I cannot take an English or GMAT test because test centres are closed/fully booked

For your online application it is not necessary to have passed the English test already. In Osiris Online Application you will be able to choose the option: 'I have not taken a test yet'. Here you can state which test you intend to take on which date.

In case of conditional acceptance, we need to have received your results before: 1 June (non-EU/EEA students) or 1 September (EU/EEA students) for the purpose of unconditional acceptance.

I have to apply for the Nuffic certificate, but I could not take an English test yet. What can I do?

You can apply for the Nuffic certificate even if you have not yet taken your English proficiency test at the time of application. As soon as you receive your English test scores, you can add them to your Nuffic application.

What happens if I am accepted, but I am unable to start my studies due to travel restrictions or other corona-related reasons? Will I suffer financial consequences?

You can cancel your application any time even if you have previously accepted the offer of admission in OSIRIS Online Application. If you cancel before 1 September 2020 you will also be reimbursed for any tuition fees already paid.

You may also consider deferring your application to the next available start date of your programme. Please check your letter of (un)conditional admission for the validity of the letter. If no validity is indicated or you have further questions about the possibility for deferral, please contact the relevant Graduate School.

Please note that the application fee is non-refundable. However, if you defer your current application or submit a new one for the next academic year, you will not have to pay this fee again.

Will my visa application be affected?

At this time, the visa/residence permit application procedure has not been changed as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. If you need a visa and/or residence permit to study in the Netherlands, the Visa Office will contact you directly with instructions.

We cannot predict whether there will be any changes to matters such as travel regulations or the availability of Dutch embassies/consulates in China and other affected areas. Should we become aware of precautions that can impact the visa/residence permit procedure, the Visa Team will inform you in May.

I don't see my question answered. What do i do?

Do you have a general question about the coronavirus? Then please call the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment information (RIVM) on 0800-1351*. Do you have a question specifically about Utrecht University? Then please send an e-mail to

*The tape you hear when you call the phone number is in Dutch. If you hold the line, you will be connected to an employee. They are often able to speak English.