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Seline Trevisanut
Friday 9 February 2018
Challenges like climate change can, according to Trevisanut, only be tackled efficiently through international cooperation with the help of international law.
Global Sports Master Start
Thursday 8 February 2018
Sport for Development is an international honoursprogramme offered by the universities of Johannesburg, Tsukuba and Utrecht.
USBO gebouw
Tuesday 6 February 2018
USG employees will temporarily be located at Janskerkhof 12. Teaching rooms will be made available on Israëlslaan 118.
Een rij Nederlandse politieagenten
Tuesday 6 February 2018
The game helps detectives to get to know international legal instruments, in a playful manner.
Wednesday 31 January 2018
Lorena Sosa’s project aims to address violence against individuals who challenge traditional gender norms and expectations.