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Monday 18 February 2019
Professor Christian Keysers is one of the keynote speakers of the interdisciplinary seminar for scientists and policy makers on April 11, 2019.
Robotarmen productielijn
Thursday 14 February 2019
After 5 years, approximately 8 percent of employees leave the company as a result of automation, according to research from, among others, Utrecht University.
Skyscraper walvis, foto: Robert Oosterbroek
Wednesday 13 February 2019
The Skyscraper whale, brought here by Utrecht University, is a beautiful tale of warning.
Computer punch card detail. Foto: Flickr/NeilHester
Wednesday 13 February 2019
The Dataworkplace connects the world of governments with the world of research and education.
Tuesday 12 February 2019
Dr. Tibbitts’ teaching strengthens university practices in non-discrimination, historical accountability, inclusion and diversity, including a gender dimension.