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Global Sports Master Start
Thursday 8 February 2018
Sport for Development is an international honoursprogramme offered by the universities of Johannesburg, Tsukuba and Utrecht.
USBO gebouw
Tuesday 6 February 2018
USG employees will temporarily be located at Janskerkhof 12. Teaching rooms will be made available on Israëlslaan 118.
Een rij Nederlandse politieagenten
Tuesday 6 February 2018
The game helps detectives to get to know international legal instruments, in a playful manner.
Wednesday 31 January 2018
Lorena Sosa’s project aims to address violence against individuals who challenge traditional gender norms and expectations.
Janneke Gerards en Antoine Buyse in de MOOC Mensenrechten
Tuesday 30 January 2018
In six weeks, you're introduced to the European Convention on Human Rights and how it is used to protect voting rights, demonstration rights and migrants.