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UUHistory kanaal
Tuesday 21 November 2017
The UUHistory Youtube Channel is the place for challenging, capturing and original knowledge clips related to history and art history.
Monday 20 November 2017
Deze bundel gaat over de rol van ervaringen van falen in de alledaagse religiositeit van moslims en christenen op verschillende plekken in de wereld.
Tuesday 14 November 2017
Certain animals do apply elements of language, which can teach us something about ourselves, tells Johan Bolhuis.
Friday 10 November 2017
This book examines how rural Europe emerged as a key site of local, national and international governance. Co-edited by Liesbeth van de Grift.
Wednesday 1 November 2017
Special issue of Parallax about posthumanist memory studies, edited by Susanne C. Knittel and Kári Driscoll.




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