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Tuesday 20 August 2019
Rutger Claassen en Anna Gerbrandy have won the ‘Outstanding Article Award of 2018’ for their article.
Dante Alighieri by Luca Signorelli  (–1523). Bron: Wikimedia
Monday 22 July 2019
History Provides a Critical Thinking ‘Toolbox’ for Students.
© iStockphoto.com
Friday 19 July 2019
The Rubicon programme is intended to give young, highly promising researchers the opportunity to gain international research experience.
Ali Smith. Bron: Wikimedia
Friday 19 July 2019
Write, paint, draw or photograph a creative response to Ali Smith’s 'Autumn'. Deadline for submissions: 20 October 2019.
Friday 19 July 2019
Dan Hassler-Forest kreeg veel boze reacties nadat hij The Lion King een fascistische film noemde in The Washington Post.




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