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Dr. Liesbeth van de Grift. Foto: Ed van Rijswijk
Thursday 31 May 2018
Liesbeth van de Grift will examine the contribution of consumer organisations to increased public participation within the EU.
Thursday 31 May 2018
The Media and Austerity examines the role of the news media in communicating and critiquing economic and social austerity measures in Europe since 2010.
Thursday 31 May 2018
How the media has been complicit in sustaining free market capitalism.
Prof. dr. Oscar Gelderblom. Bron: YouTube (still)
Tuesday 29 May 2018
JLEO is a prestigious journal in the field of Law and Economics.
Tuesday 29 May 2018
Iva Vukusic won the ASN Award for her paper 'Paramilitary Violence in the Former Yugoslavia: Insights from War Crimes Trials'.




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