About Centre for Entrepreneurship

The Centre for Entrepreneurship connects all activities on entrepreneurship education and research at Utrecht University. We believe in supporting ‘entrepreneurship to make a difference’, where the university becomes an empowering environment that supports students and staff to creatively pursue new opportunities, possibilities and innovations. As a centre of expertise, we encourage the development of relevant courses, programmes and co-curricular activities and provide information and inspiration.

Entrepreneurship at Utrecht University is based on two main pillars:

  • Develop entrepreneurial skills
    Creativity, innovation & entrepreneurship are essential for all students to survive in tomorrow’s society.

  • Tackle societal challenges
    Students are the leaders of the future, who need to solve societal challenges and make social impact

Prof dr Erik Stam, Head of the Utrecht University School of Economics explains the double mission of entrepreneurship at Utrecht University.
The university educates students to be optimally prepared for the uncertainty and complexity of today’s and tomorrow’s society. Today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders: they determine the direction in which society will develop. They are expected to take a leading role in solving societal challenges. This [...] requires leadership, entrepreneurship and the capacity to continue to learn.