Entrepreneurial education for Master's & PhD students

Master's programmes

Utrecht University offers several Master's programmes on entrepreneurship. Click on a programme below for more information about application, requirements and content.


In the course ICT entrepreneurship students develop a business plan and a minimal viable product in ten weeks.

Below you can find an overview of the entrepreneurship courses (with course code) offered for master students. Check the Osiris course catalogue for entry requirements and course descriptions. You can always contact the course coordinator to receive more information.

Please note: the course list has not yet been updated for the academic year 2020-2021.

Co-curricular entrepreneurial education

  • Young Innovators: Honours programme for all Master's students of UU and UMCU, aimed at personal leadership, sustainable innovation and societal challenges in order to build regenerative societies.
  • Utrecht University Business Course: Student-led honours programme where 30 of UU & UMCU's best students learn about entrepeneurship and consultancy.
  • Avicienna Excellence Program (website in Dutch): Co-curricular programme for excellent Master's and PhD students focused on innovation in healthcare through interdisciplinary collaboration.
  • PhACE: During this two-day event PhD students can ex­plore different career options. Do you stay in academia or not? What are the alternative possibilities and how do your skills and competences fit into these new career choices?