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Let's get entrepreneurial!

Develop your entrepreneurial skills with skills training, co-curricular education or by meeting like-minded students at one of the entrepreneurial student organisations in Utrecht!

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Co-curricular entrepreneurial education

Develop entrepreneurial skills

21st century skills, future proof skills, professional skills... even after an academic education the focus will be on what you can do: the skills you master. Whether you will become an entrepreneur or look for a job somewhere, it's good to know your skill set, and which entrepreneurial skills you can further develop. Here's some options.

What's your skill set? Workshop | Transferable skills

Do you know what skills you’ve acquired at uni? People tend not to think much about these things. Transferable skills are useful in all kinds of professional contexts. This workshop will make you aware of the transferable skills you’ve developed in your studies, at your temp jobs and in your extracurricular activities.

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Student organisations for entrepreneurial minds 

Think tanks & consultancy