Workshops for teachers

What do those buzzwords 'Lean Startup' and 'Design Thinking' actually mean?

You heard about entrepreneurial skills, but wonder what they are? Curious what those buzzwords Lean Startup and Design Thinking actually mean? Or you just want to develop a great course where your students can create value for other people in society?

Then following a workshop at the Centre for Entrepreneurship on Entrepreneurial Education is the best step forward!

Designing Entrepreneurial Education

The Utrecht University Centre for Entrepreneurship offers a teacher's workshop dedicated to this topic, tailored to teacher teams. We explain what entrepreneurial education is, how a course could look like within your own discipline and how you can start re-designing your own course.

Bring your colleagues

We don’t believe that all education should be entrepreneurial. We do believe that all students should follow a curriculum that has one or two great entrepreneurial courses in it. This is why we invite teachers from the same department to join us in our workshop. It creates the best opportunity to pick out courses in your curriculum where the entrepreneurial component can be enhanced.

The practical approach, combined with the necessary theoretical background on entrepreneurship education, makes this workshop a good starting point for teacher teams to design courses that spark more entrepreneurship among students. The participating teachers left with lots of ideas, some of them directly applicable to further improve their course.

Info & bookings

The workshop can be given both in Dutch or in English. As for time and location; we are happy to come to you at a moment that fits your team's schedule. Obviously, we can also welcome you at the Kruyt Building where we will arrange a workshop space.

To book, or for more information, please contact our workshop coordinator Rianne Poot at

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