Entrepreneurial education for Bachelor's students

Find all the entrepreneurial courses Utrecht University has to offer for Bachelor's students, as electives or minors. 


Internship: run a social enterprise

Students enrolled at one of the entrepreneurship minors can run their own social enterprise at Enactus Utrecht for EC, as part of the elective 'Internship Entrepreneurship & Innovation'.

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Essentials of Entrepreneurship is the first course of the entrepreneurship minors and open as an elective course to students from all faculties.

Below you can find an overview of the bachelor courses related to entrepreneurship offered per faculty. Please look for the course that appeals to you and fits within your study path. If you are interested in one of these courses, check the Osiris course catalogue for the entry requirements and the course descriptions. Contact the course coordinator to receive more information.

To help you out finding a fitting entrepreneurial course, we've divided all courses into four categories:

  1. Business, Finance & Management
    Classic business courses to gain knowledge on finance, business models, marketing, management, and the like.
  2. Innovation & Startup
    Roll up your sleeves! Action-oriented education around innovation, startups and/or intrapreneurship.
  3. Skills & Challenges
    Challenge-based learning and education aimed at training entrepreneurial skills. Learning by doing.
  4. Societal Impact
    Committed to impact the world in a positive way? These courses take the SDGs as their starting point and/or deal with social entrepreneurship, sustainable entrepreneurship or cultural entrepreneurship.