About the Centre for Entrepreneurship

The Utrecht University Centre for Entrepreneurship (UtrechtCE) aims to create an academic environment in which students and employees can be entrepreneurial.

UtrechtCE strengthens entrepreneurial education at Utrecht University and UMC Utrecht, by:

  • Inspiring and helping teachers to develop better education, with minimal effort for the teacher;
  • Facilitating and actively encouraging a community of teachers on entrepreneurial education;
  • Providing an up-to-date overview of all the entepreneurial education on offer for students and professionals, both within and outside the curriculum.

UtrechtCE stimulates entrepreneurial behaviour that leads to new value creation, by:

  • Actively showing which possibilities and facilities there are for potential and starting entrepreneurs;
  • Inspiring with examples from entrepreneurial minds on and off campus;
  • Organising events around entrepreneurship for students, researchers and entrepreneurs in the making.
Prof dr Erik Stam, Head of the Utrecht University School of Economics explains the double mission of entrepreneurship at Utrecht University.

The university educates students to be optimally prepared for the uncertainty and complexity of today’s and tomorrow’s society. Today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders: they determine the direction in which society will develop. They are expected to take a leading role in solving societal challenges. This [...] requires leadership, entrepreneurship and the capacity to continue to learn.