Course audit

There are a lot of interesting entrepreneurial courses at Utrecht University. You might coordinate one of them! Or you think that your course has entrepreneurial elements or the potential to become entrepreneurial. In that case, we invite you to contact us for a free course audit.

Practical advice to improve your course's entrepreneurial elements

How does the audit work?

We will set up a first (online) meeting to hear more about your course. Afterwards, we scan all the relevant course material you've sent us. We collect our findings and practical pointers for improvement in a short report on your course.

The audit focuses on the following aspects:

  • On which phase of entrepreneurial learning your course is focusing
  • Learning objectives
  • Assessment
  • Strong / weak entrepreneurial elements

During a final (online) meeting we can further discuss our findings or other points that have come up.

Draw on our expertise

So if you are an educator (UU or UMCU) looking for a quick advice on entrepreneurial education and let experts look at your course from an outsiders perspective, please contact us for an audit. It's free - we're happy to help!

Apply for an audit